MOVIE HD Apk DOWNLOAD: Over the years, Smartphones have become way too powerful, making the user’s life comfortable and convenient. In today’s date, a lot of stuff can be performed using your smartphone. For example, earlier people used to sit in front of their TVs to watch their favorite shows or movies. But nowadays, TVs have become a thing of the past for many, in fact, a lot of people prefer watching their desired Movies or Shows on a smartphone since it’s way more convenient and you do not have to stick to the TV anymore.Movie hd app android

There are quite a lot of services nowadays that offer streaming over the internet for smartphones. However, the problem is that it’s very difficult for a user to choose a streaming service since the options available in the market are endless. Also, a lot of streaming services nowadays have premium pricing which many users cannot afford to pay. In terms of free options, there are hardly any good Streaming Apps available except MoviHD Apk. Also Try: Bobby Movie Box and Download Xbox 360 Emulator on PC Windows 10

MovieHD Apk download- Free Movie Streaming

MovieHD App is probably the most favored movie streaming destination among Android users since it’s free and offers way more content than any other streaming service provider. Despite being a free service, MovieHD App is giving a tough competition to a lot of premium streaming services. The diverse catalog of Movies & Tv shows and streaming in full HD is something that makes MovieHD App stand out in the crowd.

The application can be installed by anyone on their smartphones for free of cost to watch the latest Tv shows and movies anywhere and anytime. It’s so simple that you don’t even have to bother about creating an account on the App to use the service. Users can directly start watching/streaming without registering, whereas, other similar apps will ask you to Sign up before using the service.

MovieHD app is designed and developed by the team of HD Cinema and Sky HD with an aim to provide users with a free, reliable source to watch Movies or Tv shows over the internet. Well, initially the Application couldn’t manage to gain the attention of users because of its limited content. However, the developers have created a lot of tie-ups with other streaming partners and have managed to bring a lot of diverse content into the app.

Features of Movie HD App Free

If you’re still looking for a reason to try out the Movie HD app Download on your device, then go through the following list that showcases the main highlight features of the app.

  • HD Streaming-> Users will get to watch their desired Tv Shows or Movies in native resolution, without having to compromise with the quality. You can also choose your preferred resolution if you want according to your internet connectivity.
  • Subtitles-> Movie HD has support for Subtitles. However, it’s limited to “Movies” only as of now. The best part is that you don’t have to download the subtitle files or anything as such. The App takes care of it; you just have to go to the Settings and turn on the Subtitles, that’s it.
  • Offline Downloads-> This is probably the best feature that you will ever get in a freemium streaming application. Movie HD App allows users to download all the Movies & Tv shows and save it on their device which can be accessed/watched anytime later even when you’re not connected to the internet.
  • Minimum Adverts-> Unlike other streaming apps, MovieHD App doesn’t really flood you with the advertisements when you’re using the app. The developers have reduced the Advertisements to the minimum, giving you a greater experience of streaming. The only time you will ever an advertisement is when you start a stream and when you open the Movie HD App.
  • Large Collections-> Movie HD App has a lot of Movie and Tv shows collections for people who would like to discover something new to watch. There’s no chance that you will ever run out of options to watch, the personalized recommendations feature in the app will keep you hooked for a really long time.
  • Simplistic Interface-> The interface and design of the app is clean and simple. Also, the navigation system greatly helps the users to navigate across the options in the App.
  • Parental Control-> This app allows parents to block or restrict content which is inappropriate for kids to watch. It also allows users to create separate profiles, in case of multiple users using the app on a single device.
  • No Restrictions-> There are absolutely no restrictions such as Region lock, etc. Users from any place will get full access to the content and can be watched from anywhere in the world.
  • Free for Lifetime-> Movie HD App free doesn’t involve any kind of purchase or membership sort of thing. The downloading and usage of the service is completely free. You can use the app as long as you want and as much as you want without any issues.
  • Non-Resource Oriented-> MovieHD is quite lightweight actually and doesn’t really consume many resources of your Android device. You can install the app on any Android device and expect a buttery smooth streaming experience.
  • Multiple Servers-> All the Movies and Tv shows in the App are hosted on multiple servers, you can change or select your desired server at any point of time during a stream. Having multiple server support helps greatly since users do not face any kind of issues during peak times.

How To Download Movie HD App?

Well, in case, if you don’t know, the app isn’t available officially in any App Store such as Google Play Store for Android. The nature of the App doesn’t allow it to be listed in the Google Play Store. Therefore, the developers couldn’t do anything to get the app in the App Stores.

The only way to install the MovieHD App on an Android device is by downloading its Apk file and manually sideloading the Apk file. It’s quite easy, but in case, if you’re new to this, then go through the following step by step guide to install the MovieHD Apk on any Android device.

Requirements To Install Movie HD App Free

MovieHD app can be installed by anyone on any Android device. However, certain restrictions need to be ensured in order to install the app and watch free Movies and Tv shows. Before downloading the Apk file, ensure that your device has all the below-mentioned requirements.

  • Your device should have a minimum storage space of 100 MB for the app to be installed.
  • A Working Internet Connection is required to download the app and for streaming Movies and Tv shows.
  • Your device should be running on Android version 4.4 or higher. Otherwise, you may face compatibility issues whenever you launch the app on your device.

How To Install Movie HD App On Android

In case if you’re wondering about the authenticity of the app, then let me inform you that the Apk file is free from viruses and threats. You can also use any antivirus app that you may have on your device to scan the app before launching it. Also, the one we’re providing is officially the latest version of the MovieHD App.

To install the Apk files, you must first enable “Installations From Unknown Sources.” Go to your device Settings-> Developer Options->Installations From Unknown Sources->Tap on it to enable! Now you’re all set to install the Apk files on your Android device.

  1. First, download the MovieHD app free in the Apk file format on your device using the download link. (Only 7MB)
  2. Open up the “Downloads” folder of your device and Tap on the Apk file that you have just downloaded.
  3. Tap on the “Install” option whenever prompted to begin the installation process of the MovieHD App.
  4. Once the installation is finished, launch the app and grant all the necessary permissions for the app to run.
  5. That’s all, after giving all the required permissions, you will be able to use the MovieHD App to watch Movies and Tv shows on the go for free.

Note:- Movie HD app download will automatically decide the streaming resolution based on the speed of your internet connection. In case, if you want to change the default resolution, then you have to manually go to the App Settings and do it by yourself. Select high resolution only if you have got good internet connectivity. Otherwise, you may face the buffering screen.

Alternatives fo Moviehdapk:

Here are some of the apps that you can try. If you are unable to download Movie HD App on your mobile.


Well, that’s was pretty much everything that you need to know about MovieHD App Free. There are absolutely no strings attached to the app or its service, don’t hesitate to try out the app. I’m pretty sure; you will never switch back to your previous streaming app once you try out the MovieHD App. This isn’t another ordinary streaming app; it’s much more than that. Don’t forget to let us know your experience after trying out the app in the comment section.